Fashion in London: Hijab Shopping II

Amongst the the most popular posts on this blog have been anything to do with muslim fashion & hijab style!

This is particular passion of mine…as after comimg back from Hajj a few years ago,  I wanted to change my dressing to be more  modest…but I didnt want to loose my style! So I have been on the hunt for clothes that are loose like abayas, trying to move away fro

m too much black (though when choices are limited I tend to stray to black abayas), but also developing my own style, especially for weddings and special occassions.

In coming weeks I will share my findings and clothing ideas.For now, to add to our post done earlier (see our Archives for more), here are more places to check

out for muslim fashion:

Sports Abayas

My favourite ever is

I like to wear loose clothing, but not overbaggy and always with  style! So I wear alot of “sports abayas” or anything with colour that still modest. So this site has these types of clothing, hijabs and accessories. Their customer servivce is great, I’vebeen able to return things easily – and even received discount vouchers when participating in their surveys!

The picture is me sporting an abaya from this shop – very patriotic befitting of the Olympics theme!

They have a wide range of modest clothing, longer length tops and hijabs. My husbands wedding outfit was insipired from a design from this store, so it does hold a special place in my heart!

Not just for abayas and hijabs, but islamic gifts and books too!  They have branches in different places in London.

South London

Lebaas (Tooting)

I always seem to find a gem in here. Hijabs, abayas and gifts, but I also love their hijab accessories- especially my “chain hijab pin”…will try to share a pic!

Please share any great places you know of in London as there are many of us out there keen for more ideas and styles.

More to follow ,

Happy Shopping!


Stratford Westfields…also sports a Quiet Room/Prayer Room

So..after 6 months of struggle and worry,  having recently gone through a major restructure at work in my team, facing at risk status etc etc I’m really pleased to be starting a new role in the new year Inshallah – I’m going to be a Project Manager for a new business application for the  Ice Cream sales force 🙂

Anyway, for my first enagagement in the new role to meet the new team (and boss!), we were meeting at Westfield Stratford (as we were planning to meet customers). Not too shabby…(and before the meeting I couldnt resist shopping and endedup buying two clutch bags from my favourite shop Unze!)

Anyway, that aside, the point I want to get to is to share my approach given our meeting was in the afternoon, and I needed to accomodate 2 would I do it?! I was very concerned…and didnt want to mess up our plans.

But I simply asked my new boss beforehand about our route and timings, mentioning I just needed to work around prayer times. Needless to say, she was SO COOL – she actually crutailed our meeting to be back in time at the centre, where I could pray both Asr and Maghbrib prayers peacefully!

Yes, Westfield Stratford has an amazing Rest Room/Prayer room near Nandos on the top floor. And I was so glad that once again I followed rule #1 :  ASK!

and through that added another Amazing Discovery in London.