Fashion in London City

This months guest post is contributed by the talented Jana from, the UKs first style guide for Muslim women. She is a medical student and expert on all things fashionable and hijab friendly. Her blog has been running for 2 years, and she updates it daily with tips and ideas on how to hijabify the seasons latest trends. So successful is her blog, Mashallah, that it has been featured twice in the Guardian, twice in Emel magazine and once in Vogue (no less). Needless to say that we are honoured that she has agreed to participate in the relaunch of Imaan’s blog!

London is a great city to be a Muslimah in. With plenty of mosques, cultural and intellectual events, and of course halal restaurants, there’s hardly a shortage of activities to get involved in. Another plus point is that London’s cosmopolitan nature also extends to its Muslim population. Here you’ll find Muslimahs from around the globe, and with that they bring to the city their diverse styles and fashions.

And in those areas with a large Muslim population, you’ll often find the best places to buy hijabs! Markets like Shepherd’s Bush, Whitechapel and Green Street all have an abundance of stalls selling scarves, pins, caps and other hijab-related accessories.

When it comes to the high street, I’m sure we’ve all experienced the frustration of traipsing through shops unable to find anything long, loose or modest enough to wear outside! This is pretty much why I prefer enclosed shopping centres as opposed to enduring the cold rain and slow-walking tourists outside. Therefore, one of my favourite places to go shopping is Westfield; I love the fact you can find all the regular shops like H&M and Monsoon, but also smaller foreign boutiques. And of course, you have to love the clusters of sofas every few metres!

Specialist shops and boutiques often yield great finds too – the Long Tall Sally store on Chiltern Street is great for long skirts and work wear, whereas the Uttam store in Notting Hill always has plenty of fun, printed tunics in stock. Covent Garden is also a great place to spend a summer’s day; and pick up some unique handmade jewellery from the market.

Whatever your style, London has something for every Muslimah’s fashion needs.


4 responses to “Fashion in London City

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  2. What an amazing hijab-friendly city! Makes me imagine and wishing that someday I’d like to visit this city… and go shopping!… 🙂
    And I love looking at the hijabi styles in London. They are so unique, stylish, and inspiring!

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